How to use Markdown as a starter

Recently, I am desired to write wordpress for do some summarization. But the format and writing style keep confusing me.

Let's try Markdown this time!

There are two ways to apply Markdown in wordpress:

1. Install plugins:

The recommended plugin is Markdown for WordPress and bbPress But it doesn't work on my wordpress. Sad.

2. Using Markdown Tools 

You can write the article in advace using softwares before paste it to the blog.

I prefer this way since using Wordpress to write is a huge disaster.

Step 1: Know about the grammar of Markdown :

CMD Markdown is really a good tutorial. Or any other tutorials, whatever.

Step 2: Download a good Markdown Tool :

It's very convenience for us to write and review at the same time. 

So, you can download Mou if you use Mac.

Step 3: Keep practising to be perfect :

As you can see, this article is written in Markdown.